For the tenth week of the season, the NiCBS traveled to the sunshine state to race the famous Daytona International Speedway. Daytona is known for high participation and big points. . Drivers took to the track under the lights in hopes in cashing in on the high points payouts.  For the week, 1668 drivers ran a race while 582 drivers attempted a qualifying lap.

Thompson (21) leading the field to the green.

Thompson (21) leading the field to the green.

“Thanks Peter for the amazing shove…” – Malik Ray

The weekly SoF race took place at the normal time on Friday and was broadcast by ETV. 27 drivers took part in the race that had an SoF of 5094. The race was exciting as the lead was exchanged 16 times in the 60 lap race which had 11 different leaders.  Malik Ray (Carolina) took the lead on lap 55 with a push from Peter Bennett (Connecticut) and held it until the caution came out on lap 56 ending the race.

“Thanks Peter for the amazing shove going down the back stretch to help us get clear of Hudson and set sail” said Ray after the race. “Just as we were about to swap, the caution came out! Glad to see Rudy Motorsports 1, 2! Great racing all around guys.”

Ray and Bennett took the two top spots and cashed in on 325 and 312 points respectively. Mitchell Hunt (Carolina) finished the race in the third position and received 300 points. Brian V Macklin (Atlantic) and Tyler D Hudson (Mid-South) rounded out the Top Five. For the efforts, they received 287 and 275 points respectively. The race was slowed four times for 16 laps and had 24 lead changes between 11 drivers. Point’s leader Jared Crawford (Michigan) led the most laps, nine, and finished the race in eighth position.

Ray (22) being pushed by Bennett (7).

Ray (22) being pushed by Bennett (7).

Click here to watch broadcast.

Chad J Laughton (Carolina) finished the week on top of the weekly standings. Laughton ran two races at Daytona, winning one and leaving Florida with 262 points. Hudson finished the week in the runner up position after running six races during the week, finishing in the Top Five 4 times and receiving 256 points. Andrew Shirley (Mid-South) finished the week in the third position. Shirley’s only race of the week was the SoF race, in which he finished seventh and gained 250 points. Jason Karlavige (Pennsylvania) finished the week in the fourth position after running three races during Week Ten. Karlvige won one of his races while finishing Top Five two times and finished the week with 247 points. David Cater (Carolina) rounded out the Top Five for the week. Cater ran four races and finished inside the Top Five twice. Cater left Daytona with 246 points.

Crawford continues to lead the season standings after Week Ten of the season. Daytona was rough on him as he scored his lowest total of the season with 210 points, which becomes one of his drops. Crawford points total remains at 2283 points. Laughton still remains in the second position in the points. Laughton was able to make up points on the leader after having a decent week at Daytona. Laughton made up 130 points on Crawford and is now only 233 points behind. Karlavige was the big mover last week as he jumped from sixth to third in the points with a solid week at Daytona where he netted 247 points. Karlavige now has 1808 points and is 475 points out of the lead. Cater remains in the fourth position after ten weeks. Cater scored 246 points at during Week Ten, which replaces a week in which he gained 158 points thus gaining him 88 points, bringing his total to 1763 points. Brad Mahar (New England) was the biggest loser in the standings after dropping from third to fifth after ten weeks. Mahar was unable to add to his season total at Daytona and remains at 1761 points, just two points behind Cater.

The fastest qualifying lap of the week belonged to Arthur Lucas (Virginias). Lucas turned a 49.078 second lap around the 2.5 superspeedway. Donald Hagan (Florida) was second on the week with a time of 49.081 second lap while Tanner Stoops (Plains) finished third with a 49.084 second lap. Tom Moustakas (New York) finished the week in the fourth position after turning a 49.086 second lap while Helge Gravemeyer (DE-AT-CH) rounded out the Top Five in qualifying with a 49.087 second lap.

With ten weeks down it looks as though the championship is locked up for Jared Crawford. The real battle will be for the fourth position in the standings with only two points separating David cater and Brad Mahar. Week 11 will see the NiCBS travel to New Hampshire Motor Speedway. Who will come out on top at the one mile flat oval? Find out next week at InRacingNews!

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