Van Winkle posts nine wins in eleven starts.

While Trenton Moriarity was making a statement in the chase for the NASCAR Late Model Series championship during Round Three at Toyota Speedway at Irwindale, Division Six sim racer Joshua Van Winkle was lightning the iLMT on fire. The Carolina Club driver started 11 online races over the week and took the checkered flag in nine, including the top split race of the week.

Toyota Speedway at Irwindale hosted Week 3 of the NASCAR Late Model Tour.

The biggest win came on Wednesday when Van Winkle took the victory in a 3278 sof race. Van Winkle led 24 of the 75 laps in the event after having to rally from the eighth place spot in the ten car field to take the win. Moriarity took second place with Michael Luna, Brian Kemerait and Andrew Grigg rounding-out the top five. Kevin Burris, who entered the week as the point leader, led the most laps in the race with 26. Van Winkle would score 197 points for the win in the event but when his other top finishes were factored into his total, he ended-up with 140 markers for Round Three, which secured third place overall amongst 447 drivers. Moriarity collected 175 points for his second place effort, which sealed the overall win for the Washington-based driver for the week.

Burris shook-off the ninth place effort in that race with a win which would secure second place overall the standings with 156 points. Burris’ triumph came in a 2536 Strength of Field (sof) race as he bested Luna by eleven seconds. Daniel Williamson was third in the race, followed by Brody Hays and Cameron Pierce. Burris would lead 51 laps of the race after starting from the outside pole.

Fourth place overall for the week belonged to Dynasty Motorsports driver Tony Dugan. Dugan drove his car to the win in a 2232 sof race on November 19th over Wayne Matherne, Reginald Gill, Ryan Strmiska and Scott Burlovich. Burlovich led the first 60 laps of the race before handing the lead over to Dugan, who started eighth, for the only lead change of the race. Dugan pocketed 138 points for the win.

Completing the top five overall was Gil Abobeleira. The Iberia Club driver took a victory away on Thursday’s 2271 sof event. Abobeleira started second, but led just nine laps in the race as he edged-out CJ LaVair, Kemerait, Bradley Smith2 and David Whiteside. Kemerait led 41 laps of the race, more than anyone in the field. Abobeleira garnered 137 points for his victory.

Luna made the most starts of the week with 13 while Van Winkle’s nine wins was the benchmark in that statistical category for Round Three at the California track. David Krikorian set the bar in qualifying with a 17.980 second lap, the only sim racer to breakthe 18 second barrier in single-car qualifying. Kevin J Myers, Bradley Skusa, Tommy Burns and Williamson completed the top five in qualifying. Burris was quickest in the Time Trial competition, besting Myers, Burns, Dana Walker and Kevin Moody at Irwindale.

When it comes to the standings, Burris is on top with 501 points, just 16 points ahead of Moriarity, who continues to chip away at the lead. David Rattler sits third with 461 points – 40 points ahead of Wilsey, who leads Division Two. Completing the top five overall is Matt Campbell, who is just one point behind Wilsey. Divisional leaders from Divisions Three to Ten include Abobeleira, Joshua Drinkwater, Sean Sewell, Van Winkle, Kiernan Church, William Chappell, William Stone2 and Lee Walker.

Next week the series heads to Florida and the USA International Speedway. Can Moriarity continue his steady rise to the top or will Burris fend off his charge in Week Four? Find out here, next week at inRacingNews!

Until then, keep the hammer down and we’ll see you at the track!

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