Online Racing Community

iRacing’s member-based community is a great place to interact with fellow motorsport enthusiasts. From forums to chat rooms, in-sim voice chat to geographically-based clubs, iRacing welcomes members from all around the world and encourages members to get to know each other. iRacers often share racing tips, car setups or whatever is on their mind.

iRacing’s Member community features:

  • Forums
  • Voice and text chat rooms
  • In-sim voice and text chat
  • Geographically-based racing clubs and world-wide competition
  •, is one-stop shopping for all your racing news, including real-world racing, sim racing and complete coverage of iRacing competition

Pro Series and World Championships

At the top of the iRacing competition ladder is the NASCAR World Championship Series for oval racers and World Championship Grand Prix Series for road racers.  The winners of these two series are, by definition, the best on-line racers in the world for that year!  Both the road and oval series feature only the best 50 drivers in the world.  To be one of the top 50 racers in the world and eligible for this elite series, one must compete in our qualifying series – the iRacing Pro Series.

World Cup of iRacing

The World Cup of iRacing is a year-long global competition among various geographical clubs around the world.   The World Cup was created to provide every iRacing member the opportunity to compete for a world championship, regardless of skill level or experience.  There are 25 different clubs competing for the 2011 season title.  This competition makes it possible for a group of committed club members to win a global title by working together.   The entire winning club shares in the World Cup of iRacing prizes and bragging rights.  The format of the World Cup is similar to that of other sports — season champions are eligible to compete in a divisional playoff round to crown division champions, who then compete in a one-day final to crown the World Cup of iRacing champion!  The World Cup of iRacing champion for 2011 was club DE-AT-CH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland).