The final week of the season saw the Class B Series travel to Richmond International Raceway, to run the final races of the season under the lights. Phil Juhring (New Jersey) came into Richmond as the point’s leader and planned to leave as the champion. The final week of the season saw 566 drivers attempt at least one race while 191 drivers attempted one lap in qualifying.

Karlavige starting from the pole at Richmond.

The last SoF race of the season took place at the usual time and had an SoF of 4374. The race had 25 drivers and paid 279 points to win. Jason Karlavige (Pennsylvania) once again dominated the race. Karlavige started on pole and lead 106 laps on his way to a 1 second victory over Brad Mahar (New England).

“The last two weeks have been outstanding for Gale Force Racing in the B series.” – Jason Karlavige

When asked how his last two weeks have been, Karlavige said “The last two weeks have been outstanding for Gale Force Racing in the B series. To go out and lead the whole race in Texas was special; I wasn’t expecting to do that with guys like Tyler Hudson and Devan Hall in the field. We were able to carry our momentum over to Richmond, where our setup was just straight up fast. Between the Cup car and the Nationwide, this has been a season that we all could be proud of. The Nationwide car is my favorite car to run on iRacing, and I really do enjoy being able to run these high SoF races on Thursday nights. I would not be able to get it done without my teammates, especially Joe Holt and Jared Crawford, who put a TON of time into our B cars this season. We’ve been strong not only in race trim, but in qualifying too. It’s a good feeling as a driver to start out front, and stay away from any trouble that may come behind. Congrats to Phil Juhring on wrapping up a championship season and we’re looking forward to a lot of great racing in this series next season!”

Mahar, who was second in points, needed every point he could get to try and win the championship. For his second place finish, Mahar received 267 points. Joe Holt (Mid-South) finished in the third position and received 255 points. David Cater (Carolina) and Devan Hall (Georgia) rounded out the Top Five.  Cater and Hall received 244 and 232 points respectively.

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At the end of the week, Karlavige was at the top of the weekly standings. Karlavige ran two races, finishing first and second and finished the week with 279 points. Mahar finished the week in the second place after finishing runner up to Jason in the SoF race. Mahar had 267 points. Brandon Buie (Atlantic), coming off a sixth place finish in the SoF race, finished the week in third with 220 points. NiSWC driver Tyler D Hudson (Mid-South) finished the week in the fourth place after winning all four of his races. Hudson left Richmond with 207 points. Fellow NiSWC driver Vinnie Sansone rounded out the Top Five after winning his only race of the week and netting 200 points.

Champion Phil Juhring at Richmond.

Champion Phil Juhring at Richmond.

As the season came to an, Phil Juhring was able to maintain his points lead after a disappointing final week at Richmond. Juhring finished the season with eight wins in 17 races and 1739 points.

“I had a really good season. We were strong week in and week out. I was fortunate enough to work with a great bunch of guys.” – Phil Juhring

Juhring had this to say about his championship season, “I had a really good season. We were strong week in and week out. I was fortunate enough to work with a great bunch of guys. We put a ton of time in each week first finding speed, and then doing 20 to 25 lap race runs. I especially have to thank Dustin Montgomery for all his help this season. This championship may not have been possible and certainly would have been much more difficult without him. My strategy this season was to start up front each week and have a good long run setup. I didn’t want to press the issue early on in these races and in each run. Just survive, be around at the end and then make the most of what I had. I was able to accomplish that most weeks. I’d also like to congratulate the rest of the top 10 in B car points as well as each division winner. The racing at the front of the fields was solid week in and week out. Thanks to ETV for broadcasting the race each week and bringing these SoF fields together.”

Brad Mahar finished the season in the second position.  After fighting for a second place finish at Richmond and netting 267 in the final week, Mahar came up 71 points short. Mahar ran 26 races on the season with five wins and 17 Top Fives with 1668 points. Buie finished the season in the third position with one win and five Top Five’s in 15 starts. Buie finished with 1508 points. John Bunton (Carolina) finished fourth while Jeffrey Parker rounded out the Top Five. Bunton had one win and 6 Top Five’s in 20 races while Parker had three wins and 16 Top Five’s in 35 races. Bunton finished with 1466 points while Parker finished with 1430 points.

Division Champions

Division 1 – Phil Juhring

Division 2 – Alex Scribner

Division 3 – Matthew Spangler

Division 4 – Bruno Noronha2

Division 5 – Edward Burch Jr.

Division 6 – Matthew Burroughs

Division 7 – Fausto Bessa Gomes

Division 8 – Jim Alexander

Division 9 – Kevin Smith5

Division 10 – Shawn Gayton

Rookie – Justin Flores

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