The Skip Baber 2k World Cup moved to Circuit Zolder this week. In the past few weeks, Mikko Nassi has been able to qualify in front and control the races from there. However, many of the championship contenders were ready to challenge him. The Zolder Circuit is a challenge both in keeping someone behind you and in keeping the car in one piece. The large curbs and tight chicanes lead to a lot of close racing and can spell doom for wings and noses if you step out of line at all.

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Qualifying is critical at Circuit Zolder as it is a challenge to pass without risking multiple positions. The first qualifying lap saw Nassi lead with a time of 1:45.191. He was followed by Paul Grillo and Philippe Leybaert. However the second lap saw Ricardo Faria jump from fourth position up to the lead with a time of 1:45.156. Nassi made mistake on his second lap and did not improve but did hold onto second position. Grillo, Arjan de Vreede and Leybaert completed the top five. Behind them Angelo Cellura, Dekota Fripp, Chris Crome, Francesco Maggi and Fahim Antoniades secured the final positions in the top ten. The rest of the field was all closely bunched. The top 20 were all within one second of Faria on pole.


Ricardo Faria leads the field.


At the start, Faria and the rest of the top ten got away with little change. However, behind them were a lot of two and three wide battles throughout the first lap. By then end of the fist lap gaps had started to appear. Just behind the top six Crome and Fripp had an incident that sent Fripp down the field and created a second pack of Crome, Antoniades and Maggi. Behind them was a large group being lead by Matt Dafoe and Karthik Pai.

Greg Seitz leads a pack entering the second chicane.

As the front of the field settled down and help position there were a lot of great battles happening throughout the rest of the field. Paul Malokas and Emmanuel Menendez ran side by side through multiple corners. The group of Colin van Raam, Greg Seitz, Frank Winter, Dekota Fripp, Will Fisher, Antoine Drouin had an epic battle between the first and second chicanes. Van Raam and Seitz entered the first chicane side by side with van Raam getting the better run and taking the position. However, Winter, Fripp, Fisher and Drouin all had good exits and they all quickly converged into a five car pack, with Sietz leading into the second chicane. The result was Winter, Fripp and Fisher entering the chicane three wide. Winter and Fripp touched and cut the chicane to cede the positions to Fisher and Drouin before they settled down again.

The lead pack crashes behind Ricardo Faria.

Leading into the pit window the lead pack had shrunk to five with Cellura falling behind into the group with Antonides, Crome and Maggi. Then on lap 11 the fireworks started. Entering the final chicane with Faria leading over Nassi, Grillo, de Vreede and Leybaert, both Grillo and Leybaert made mistakes entering the pit and collided with Nassi and de Vreede respectively. Grillo, de Vreede and Leybaert all limped into the pits immediately and Nassi spun but continued for another lap. Faria got away cleanly and now had a good gap.

Arjan de Vreede and Francesco Maggi battle for fifth position.

This shook up the top ten and after the pit stops ended, the situation was Faria leading comfortably with Nassi, Leybaert, Antoniades and Maggi rounding out the top five. Behind them de Vreede, Crome, Dafoe, Grillo, Malokas and Cellura held the final places in the top 11. The top 4 were all running individually and were well clear of the chasing group that included the rest of the top 11. This group saw most of the action for the rest of the race. De Vreede was able to pass Maggi. Then Crome was also able to get past Maggi. Then with three laps remaining and Grillo challenging, Maggi spun and fell down the order and moved Cellura back into the top ten. This led directly to Grillo, Dafoe and Malokas battling through the second chicane, with both Dafoe and Malokas getting past Grillo. At the front Faria was able to cleanly finish the race and win by a few seconds over Nassi. On the final lap, Leybaert slowed and let both Antoniades and de Vreede through to give the final podium position to Antoniades. De Vreede finished fourth and Leybaert in fifth. Crome came home alone in sixth and the rest of the top ten came home as a group, with Malokas taking seventh, Dafoe eigth, Grillo ninth and Cellura tenth.

Ricardo Faria takes the checkered flag.

With the win Faria keep his season hopes alive, although with a few poor results to start the season he has his work cut out if he wants to battle for the championship. Nassi continues to finish well and has moved into second place. Leybaert still leads, but the lead is shrinking and he will need to get back to winning if he wants to secure his first championship. Arjan de Vreede moved into third position with his fourth place but is still in a close battle with Malokas, Grillo and Faria for the final podium position.

Race Results:

Pos Name Location Delta Pts
1 Ricardo Faria Iberia 56
2 Mikko Nässi Finland -4.11 37
3 Fahim Antoniades UK and I -17.363 30
4 Arjan de Vreede Benelux -18.791 39
5 Philippe Leybaert Texas -19.772 31
6 Christopher Crome Midwest -22.493 28
7 Paul Malokas Northwest -25.296 32
8 Matt Dafoe Canada -26.124 20
9 Paul F Grillo UK and I -26.33 27
10 Angelo Cellura Italy -26.799 26
11 Francesco Maggi2 Italy -29.997 12
12 Brian Doell Canada -33.457 10
13 Collin van Raam Benelux -35.879 14
14 Johan Hallberg Scandinavia -37.451 19
15 Will Fisher West -39.294 8
16 Rob Read UK and I -41.152 17
17 Greg Seitz Northwest -41.706 12
18 Nicolas Landau France -41.735 15
19 Thierry Rensen Benelux -41.901 6
20 Antoine Drouin Canada -46.688 13
21 David Stefanini Italy -46.914 12
22 Aurelien Bonnet New York -51.196 3
23 Karthik Pai Texas -53.926 10
24 Emmanuel Menendez California -54.433 3
25 Rob Adams Canada -00:01:07.01 8
26 Barry Morrison UK and I -00:01:16.05 7
27 Simon Schulze DE-AT-CH -00:01:30.94 6
28 Daniel Schwonek DE-AT-CH -1 L 0
29 Frank Winter DE-AT-CH -1 L 0
30 Daniel Nogueras Carceller Iberia -1 L 0
31 Ryan Devlin New England -2 L 0
32 Tuan Tran Benelux -3 L 0
33 Dekota Fripp West -5 L 0
34 Brooks Lyrette Canada -5 L 0
35 Mike McCormick Texas -7 L 0
36 Scott Fountain Australia/NZ -11 L 0
37 Henry V Brown Brazil -17 L 0
38 Julien Lardy Canada -20 L 0


Championship Standings:

Pos Name Points-2
1 Philippe Leybaert 237
2 Mikko Nässi 207
3 Arjan de Vreede 188
4 Paul Malokas 183
5 Paul F Grillo 173
6 Ricardo Faria 166
7 Brian Doell 149
8 Frank Winter 136
9 Matt Dafoe 121
10 Aurelien Bonnet 101
11 Angelo Cellura 100
12 Greg Seitz 96
13 Barry Morrison 91
14 Peter Classon 79
15 Chris McGowen 77
16 David Stefanini 76
17 Rob Read 75
18 Karthik Pai 72
19 Juha Norolampi 70
20 Collin van Raam 70
21 Yann Laprevotte 69
22 Fahim Antoniades 67
23 Nicolas Landau 67
24 Will Fisher 64
25 Lionel Gamet 62
26 Duncan Coppedge 59
27 Tuan Tran 59
28 Christopher Crome 58
29 Luis Quintela 58
30 Brooks Lyrette 58
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