The Blancpain GT Series came to a conclusion a few weeks ago at Nurburgring. The league consisted of 50 World Championship license class teams competing in a number of endurance races throughout the year. The 150 or so drivers racing for their respective teams competed in 5 different cars from the same car class for nearly $30,000 in prizes. The three top titles drivers were vying for were the Team Championship, Driver Championship, and Manufacturer Championship.

CoRe SimRacing Orange drove away with the Team Championship title with drivers Isaac Price and Frederik Rasmussen taking home their share of the winnings. The results were as follows:

  1. CoRe SimRacing Orange – Isaac Price, Frederik Rasmussen


  1. ineX Racing Blue – Justin Brunner, Simon Cattell, Aleksi Elomaa


  1. VRS Coanda Simsport #8 – David Williams, Mitchell Dejong, Philip Stamm, Rocco Barone


  1. CoRe SimRacing Silver – Janne J Kiuru, Thomas Arends, Maxime Pauly


  1. ineX Racing Red – Joni Tormala, Nathan Schartner, Jake Stergios, Jack Sedgwick


  1. Heusinkveld CORE Motorsports – Alexander Voss, Nils Koch, Kay Kaschube


  1. Evolution Racing Team #28 – Andrew Kahl, Simon Feigl, Zachary Hanlin


The Driver Championship ended the season in a tie between both members of the CoRe SimRacing Orange team. Isaac Price and Frederik Rasmussen both accumulated 306 points throughout the season and took home their split of the prize money, adding it to their team winnings. The complete results were as follows:

  1. Isaac Price – 306 points


  1. Frederik Rasmussen – 306 pints


  1. Justin Brunner – 272 points


  1. Joni Tormala – 253 points


  1. Alexander Voss – 230 points


  1. Andrew Kahl – 226 points


The final prizes handed out were the Manufacturer Championship titles. CoRe SimRacing Orange’s team win also earned them the Manufacturer Championship in their McLaren MP4-12C.

  1. CoRe SimRacing Orange – McLaren MP4-12C


  1. VRS Coanda Simsport #8 – Mercedes AMG


  1. VRS Coanda Simsport #1 – BMW Z4


  1. Pure Racing Team Red – Ford GT


  1. Thrustmaster Mivano Red – Audi R8


We would like to give one final congratulations and thank you to all the teams and drivers who participated in the 2017 Blancpain GT Series. We look forward to seeing your return for the 2018 season!

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