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Byron Daley (2), Chad Coleman (9), and Ray Alfalla (1) battle three wide down the frontstretch.

The World Center of Speed was the host for Week Four of the NASCAR Class C Series (fixed setup). Over 3,100 sim racers took to Daytona International Speedway during the week in hopes of taking the checkered flag first. Daytona is very popular among online racers due to the fact that anybody can win here with a little luck and making the right moves. That being said, winning at Daytona is something that all drivers want to accomplish in their careers, whether it is on the virtual track or the real track. This week, someone who knows how to put things in the right place at the right time was able to take the victory in the week’s high Strength of Field event.

Byron Daley (New York) drove his No. 2 Silverado into victory lane last Monday night after leading the most laps (13) and besting Michael Conti (New Jersey) in a drag race to the line by 0.003 seconds during the 5523 Strength of Field. Chad Coleman (Georgia) finished a close third after starting from the 10th position. Brandon Kettelle (Florida) came home in the fourth position and completing the top five was Brandon Slong (Atlantic) who led four of the race’s 25 laps. A great stat about the top five: all five drivers were within 0.117 seconds of each other crossing the finish line!

With the victory in the 5523 SoF, Daley earned an incredible 348 championship points as he looks to make a run for the Season One championship. Conti’s second place finish allowed him to add 328 points to his season total. Coleman finished in the third position for the week which netted him 309 points. Nicholas Goertzen (Western Canada) had a very solid week; making four starts and earning one win which earned him 302 points. Ray Alfalla (Florida) earned 285 points and filled the final position in the top five.

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A pack of trucks enter Turn One.

Qualifying at the superspeedway tracks in the service has been known to cause controversy due to a trick which allows the car to go faster by spinning the tires or doing burnouts prior to taking the track for a qualifying run. The trick allows those who choose to use it (which is against the rules) to gain an unfair advantage on those who do not use it. For this reason, no qualifying coverage will be available for the week.

After a very successful week, Daley took over the top spot for the season standings and now leads Conti by 14 points. Alex Warren (Illinois) holds down the third position after four weeks of online racing (-89). Wade Hustad (Midwest) sits in the fourth position, 141 points out of the lead with Matthew Wright2 (New York) rounding out the top five.

As we leave Daytona in the wind, a new challenge awaits the drivers of the NiCCS (fixed setup) as they pay a visit to Miles the Monster in Dover, Deleware for Week Five of the twelve week season.

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