With the anticipation being built-up over the past several months, it’s finally here. The GT3 Challenge series is now officially on iRacing.com and will feature the McLaren MP4-12C GT3 and the RUF RT 12R Track car pitted against each other in a single-class, online race.

The “tale of the tape,” so to speak, shows some major differences in the two cars which, by some degree, cause themselves to equal each other out. The McLaren, a V8 twin turbo with 493 hp and weighing in at just over 3,000 lbs., will be putting its reputation on the line against the 4 liter flat 6 cylinder RUF with 500 bhp which weighs in at just under 2600 lbs. The RUF, only 3.4 inches shorter in length than the McLaren, also features a wheelbase which is a stunning 32 inches more narrow in width than its competitor. That may make the McLaren quicker around the corners because of its broader wheelbase but the RUF, being almost 400 lbs. lighter with slightly more horsepower, will be able to accelerate faster out of the corners. Regardless of the stats, the best way to find out which car will come out on top will be to strap yourself into one and get out on the track!

As this is a brand new series, many sim-racers will be wondering when the Strength of Field (SoF) races will be. Instinctively, many regions are now trying to organize a time which works best for them in order to maximize participation. The forums have been abuzz with organizing and scheduling but so far, one region has stood out from among the rest. I had the chance to catch up with iRacing.com V8 Supercar Series driver John Emerson as he shared some insightful information which has been in the works for some time.

Some of the fiercest competition in the iRacing.com GT3 Challenge may be between those clubs looking to organize the week’s top SoF.

“The AUS/NZ club is currently discussing which night we will be trying to make our official night in the official GT3 Series run by iRacing. So far we’re looking at the 9pm AEDT on Thursdays race…

“There are quite a lot of people interested in running the GT3 series next season, so it’s quite possible that the highest SoF race each week will be this race. However, time will tell on this, I guess. I’m expecting the Euro drivers to band together to try and make their SoF race the biggest SoF race of the week.”

Emerson went on to mention that this race will also be broadcast by the boys at V8 Supercars Online.

The RUF RT 12R, being one of the most recent additions to iRacing’s laser scanned car collection, will be put through its paces during the approaching Daytona 2.4. Accompanied by the Daytona Prototype in a separate class, the RUF Track is looking quite at home on the road course of Daytona and is also receiving praise from many drivers for its handling ability.

The first week of the GT3 Challenge series kicks off next week with a 30 minute race at Road Atlanta. The 2.54 mile road course which consists of 12 turns will be the first official test this series faces.

Be sure to check back often as iRacingNews covers this exciting 12 week series!

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