The tricky triangle better known as Pocono Raceway hasn’t seen the real Indy Cars race there since 1989, though it will be re-introduced to the IZOD Indycar schedule in 2013.  With its unique design, each turn is modeled after turns at three different tracks.  Turn One has 14 degrees of banking and was modeled after the now defunct Trenton Speedway.  Turn Two (also known as “The Tunnel Turn) is like The Indianapolis Motor Speedway having 9 degrees of banking, while Turn Three having six degrees of banking is similar to The Milwaukee Mile.

Traino was in the pink at Pocono, taking a pair of IndyCar wins.

For Week 13 the track played host to the iRacing Dallara Series where the track was dominated by one sim-racer: Brandon Traino overpowered the competition by winning both of the strength of field races.

The Monday race was a swift one with only one caution as Traino started from the pole position and lead 54 of the 60 laps.

Top 10
1)  Brandon Traino
2) Matthew Lambertson
3) Jeremy Poole
4) Terry Matthiensen
5) Jonathan Goke
6) Michael DuTemple
7) Erick Davis
8) Jeff Yeager
9) Martin Miller
10) Brad Sanford

Lap Leaders: Traino (54) Goke (2) Lambertson (2) Miller (2)

Lead Changes: 4

Cautions: 1

Notes: Michael DuTemple charged from dead last in the field of 18 to 6th place.  Dave Jinks won the lower split race.

“My key goal is to stay ahead of the wrecks as well as the other championship contenders and  to come home with the championship.” – Brandon Traino

Quoting The Talking Heads’ David Byrne in the song Once In A Lifetime, “same as it ever was” Traino won again Wednesday night’s SOF.  In fact, the margin of victory was seven seconds in both races.  Now that’s consistency!

Top 10
1) Brandon Traino
2) Michael DuTemple
3) Doyle Johnson
4) Andrew King
5) Rob Unglenieks
6) Ron Borden Jr
7) Cary Bettenhausen
8) Pablo Donoso
9) Chad Peterson
10) John Ahles

Lap Leaders: Traino (52) Chuck Eisenbarth (5) DuTemple (2) Bettenhausen (1)

Lead Changes: 4

Cautions: 2

Notes: The biggest mover was Ron Borden Jr as he came from 15th to finish 6th while Paul Jenkins won the lower split.

When asked what was most challenging about Pocono, Traino commented “I find the difficulty and the precision to hit the perfect line in all three corners the most challenging part of Pocono.  The car was a little tight on the beginning of the run, but towards the end of the run the car loosened up very nicely and allowed me to keep pulling away and come home with the win.”

Looking ahead toward the season finale, Traino says “My key goal is to stay ahead of the wrecks as well as the other championship contenders and  to come home with the championship.”

Next week concludes the season at Michigan International Speedway.  The popular two miler will bring out several drivers hoping to play spoiler not only for the overall championship but several divisional titles also.

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