It’s Week 13, time for our quarterly build and some non-traditional series. Here’s a look at the new series that we’ll be campaigning this week for you to have a little fun with some of the new content we have coming for Season 4.

Official Series

  • NiS B
  • NiS C
  • NiS – Fixed
  • NiS – Open
  • 13th Week Street Stock Challenge
  • 13th Week Mazda Cup
  • 13th Week Dirt Street Stock Challenge
  • 13th Week iRacing RallyCross Series
  • 13th Week Ferrari GT3 Challenge
  • 13th Week DIRTcar UMP Modified
  • 13th Week Pro 2 Lite – starts after the build with the Pro 2 Lite Truck
  • 13th Week TCR Challenge – starts after the build with the TCR


  • 13th Week iRacing Figure GR8
  • 13th Week Midget Cup
  • 13th Week Ridiculousness
  • 13th Week Symkhana
  • 13th Week Battle of the Little Wings – Changes to Skippy Car Only after the build to showcase the new damage model
  • 13th Week 2×4 Off Road Trucks
  • 13th Week NASCAR Nationals Series – Showcase V7 on ovals
  • Carburetor Cup
  • Dallara Dash
  • PickUp Cup
  • Sling Mud for Fun Sprint Cars
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