Due largely to our “tyranny” of distance from the rest of the world, the membership of iRacing’s Club Australia / New Zealand —  AUSTRALIA  as we refer to ourselves — have found that the majority of our racing is done amongst our own Club membership.

Some of iRacing's most enthusiastic competitors hail from Australia and New Zealand

Some of iRacing's most enthusiastic competitors hail from Australia and New Zealand

While iRacing was still in its public infancy, this tyranny of distance and time zones presented our club with several challenges.  Chief among those challenges has been the ability to compete regularly in official races across the different levels of series, while also satisfying as many members as possible, not to mention the obvious difficulty of retaining new members who could not get regular official races.

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Fortunately for us our difficulties with time zones and numbers has also presented our club with some unique opportunities whose potential, I am pleased to report, is being fully realised.  More fortunate yet, we have among our membership a technically skilled, well-respected and motivated Club Liaison in Darren Marsh who is assisted by a core group of like-minded and -motivated Club members.  These two factors, coupled with the availability of all our members to make comment and suggestions, has enabled us to develop our own unofficial League racing schedule, with races accomodating eight series spread across six nights per week.

I can inform you that our numbers continue to grow steadily, to the point where we now have between 200 – 300 members competing actively each week.  We also enjoy the added benefit of our own unofficial “Club League Database and Statistics Web Site” which can be viewed at
http://statmonkey.is-a-geek.net/ilom/leagues.  In addition we have now been able to realise our own Club Magazine — “The Local Rag” — to which all Club Australia members have the opportunity to contribute articles, screenies and suggestions of new content . . . with plans for video in the future!

"The Local Rag" helps iRacers overcome the 'Tyranny of Distance" Down Under

"The Local Rag" helps iRacers overcome the 'Tyranny of Distance" Down Under

I am pleased to present the first edition of “The Local Rag” to you all:

Download here.  716KB

Although still in its infancy we are best pleased with Edition 1 . . . bearing in mind “we got plans for the future”!!!!

And a special thanks to the iRacing Simulation Service for providing our members with the opportunity to provide for ourselves!!!!

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Keep up the good work Dwayne!

Marc Beeson
October 1st, 2009 at 10:56 pm

I always mention the Australian club when iRacing members complain about “clubs/club forums being useless/pointless”.

The Australian club is a great example of how to utilize your club and get your community together.

Its funny to remember that this stand out club wasn’t even a club originally, we “battled” for our seperation from the International team and made sure we didn’t waste the oppurtunity 🙂

David Beattie
October 4th, 2009 at 12:52 am

I’d agree, Club Australia is very impressive. Currently, I think Club Australia has about 4 of the top 10 road drivers in the Pro Road Series. One of the most organized clubs in iRacing. Keep up the good work! 🙂

Lincoln Miner
October 5th, 2009 at 3:44 am

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