Qualified poorly, as usual. Starting from the back of the grid since my qualifying time is worse than my iRating.  No chance for a win based on speed. My only hope is that a few guys crash out. Sounds pretty bleak, doesn’t it? This is my typical race on iRacing and yet I keep racing.

I have no expectations of ever achieving a Pro license or heaven forbid a DWC license. In fact I have no interest in earning one. So why bother even entering a race? Because it’s fun. In fact, it’s really fun.

The reality that all 35,000 members have different racing objectives is one of the coolest things about iRacing. Some are looking to advance to the required license level of their favorite car or series. Others are trying to rack up as many wins in a particular series as possible. Still others are searching for that elusive 1st win – it’s a lot harder than most people realize when they first join iRacing.

I get satisfaction in finishing a race. Sure, I want to win.  Who doesn’t? But it’s not a win or nothing attitude. I really just want to drive a little better each time I fire up a virtual race car. Maybe I’ll learn something new about setting up a car (probably not), or a better line through a corner of a track that I have hundreds of laps on already. It’s the little things that make racing on iRacing so enjoyable for me.

Chatting with members is always fun too. A few of you recognize my name from iRacing TV so it’s fun to say hi and mix it up. I suspect the iLetYouWin awards I give out are appreciated more than anything. I like earning them too – thanks Sean, Otto and Ian.

Why do you race?

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About Kevin Bobbitt

Kevin Bobbitt is the Director of Marketing at iRacing.com. He has been with iRacing since 2007 and is a long time marketing professional bringing more than 16 years of experience in both online and offline consumer marketing to the job. Kevin's commitment to iRacing starts with his passion for motorsports. He is a fan of anything powered by an engine. When not racing on iRacing or watching a race on TV he can likely be found at the track or an autocross site in his Porsche 944S2. Kevin is also the commissioner, punisher and all around rule maker for the Rennsport Racing League run on iRacing. Kevin resides in New Hampshire with his wife and two boys.


Great article, Kevin. I’ve learned that I enjoyed building my new computer and rig more than the actual racing…

Missed all you folks at the Speedway last week!!!

Tim Miller
June 1st, 2012 at 11:22 pm

Was the iLetYouWin award created for your benefit, to make you feel like you’re doing something for the community when you finishing at the back 😉

THe great thing about not being a regular winner… It makes the victories that are few and far between, so much sweeter!

Captain Obvious
June 2nd, 2012 at 4:42 am

I Race to finish (I don’t quit) well at least not for damage. Sometimes being a volunteer fire fighter I have to. This attitude helps me advance in the field past those who do quit. It keeps me from over driving my vehicle which intern earns me respect from fellow drivers as one who they race race door to door with an not worry. I race because of family. Myself, Richard (father) Aaron (Son) bringing 3 generations to not only Iracing but we all race same series and usually the same days and times. Oh and I got my brother in law Dan Dyson started too.

Jeff Ricker
June 2nd, 2012 at 6:41 am

Hey Kevin I remeber in one race at Texas coming to the white flag you were 4th and I was 5th and I passed you and you said “congrats on barely getting the award” and I said “alreaady got it I beat Tony” and you said “so you finished 29th and he finished 30th” lol

Pete Zehler
June 30th, 2012 at 9:17 pm

Hi Kevin, I agree with you about getting wins…Its really hard to get a win in any series. i have a good Irating on the oval side and im up front most of the time (top five) but its still hard to get wins. Iracing is so competitive week in and week out and thats why i love Iracing. Keep up the good work guys!

Richard Dean
July 31st, 2012 at 9:39 am

As i sit here waiting for the start of the FIA GT1 qualifying race I’ve read some articles and this is about the best I’ve read. I used to race indoor karts a few years ago and then started here in iRacing in 2009. Racing is life to those of us who do race either in real life or here at iRacing. I have only 1 win and that was in the SK Mod a couple of seasons back and it was a fluke, I’m a roadie at heart. The point is that it’s about the fun and the racing. Sean wrote about the developing of respect between members yet like you I’m at the back of just about any race I enter. I have won a couple of division championships over the years but I still keep coming back. I come back because I love to race and here I get to race. I raced with you once in the HPD and I finish ahead of you at the end of the race. It’s great to see you on track with the rest of us and even being able to race against some of the “office” people.

Thanks for a great service and great racing.


August 18th, 2012 at 8:36 am

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