Season Three of the World Cup of iRacing has reached the finish with an eventful ending. Week Twelve brought out a New England-New York rivalry that will last for many seasons to come, Central Europe has once again been ruled by a single country, and two underdogs took the top spots in their regions.  As a result, many new faces have been added to the mix for January’s Regional Annual Club Championship (RACC).screenhunter_10-oct-07-10019

The most talked about Regional Season Club Championship (RSCC) was the Northeastern Region’s battle for the top spot. The two-time defending champions New York were working hard to overcome the lead New England had built-up over the previous two weeks. New York’s top point scorer, Bob Kern, with an amazing 2029 points rewrote the rule books in a creative take on the rules; nothing illegal, just some smart thinking in the best way to gain the most points for his club. New York came up short though, and lost to New England by 944 points. A rivalry has been started here in iRacing between the two clubs, just as in any other sport that puts the New England area up against New York. New England ends the season with the most club points in the world with 48,034, and will earn a trip to the RACC.

screenhunter_07-oct-07-09593Italy took their third straight RSCC in the Central European Region and looks to Season Four as a chance to lock into the World Cup of iRacing without having to worry about the RACC. Italy totaled 40,784 points during Season Three, and beat out DE-AT-CH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) for the top spot. DE-AT-CH can take some good out of this season after earning their best finish in the region out of the last three seasons. Season Four will be the final chance at making it into the RACC, and a chance to qualify for the World Cup of iRacing.

screenhunter_22-oct-07-13375In the previous two seasons for the World Cup of iRacing small clubs were at a disadvantage when it came to scoring points. After lots of discussion, John Henry & Company found a new way to take away part of that problem and two of the smallest clubs in iRacing took full advantage of it winning their regions and a spot into the RACC. South America took control in the final weeks of the Southeastern Region, pulling away by almost 1000 points over the Mid-South. The battle had been a back and forth fight up until Week Eleven when South America took the lead and held it to the finish.

screenhunter_16-oct-07-10033Another underdog to pull win a RSCC was the Celtic Club out of the Western European Region. They took control early in the season and never looked back, dominating the previous two Regional Champions by over 7000 points. Benelux, who finished fourth in the region the previous two seasons, came in a strong second to the Celtics, showing a big improvement over the last twelve weeks. If Benelux can keep improving into Season Four the region may be looking at four different champions over four seasons.

screenhunter_08-oct-07-10002screenhunter_14-oct-07-10023Two clubs spoiled the plans of a three-peat in their regions as the Great Plains took the top spot in the Central US Region, and the West Club took the championship in the Pacific Region. Both will now have a spot in the RACC. The Great Plains held-off a late charge from the Midwest, as the two time defending champion Texas dropped to third in the region. The West Club had a slightly easier road, taking an early season lead over Australia and two-time defending champion California. The West finished 5,553 points ahead of Australia, who will be looking at Season Four for the final shot at a RACC birth.

screenhunter_09-oct-07-10012Ohio, the Season Two champions, defended their firstMid-Atlantic RSCC with an impressive victory. The closest club finished nearly 6000 points back and the rest fell over ten thousand back by the end of Season Three. Going into Season Four, Ohio will look to keep the RACC a two club race, and will need to hold off the Season Three runner-up, Atlantic Club.

Fifteen clubs have now qualified for January’s Regional Annual Club Championship with one season remaining in the 2009-2010 World Cup of iRacing. Season Four will start November 3, 2009 and finish twelve weeks later on January 25, 2010.

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