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  • 10% Bulk Purchase Discount: Purchase three to five pieces of eligible content (cars/tracks) at once and receive 10% off the total
  • 15% Bulk Purchase Discount: Purchase six or more pieces of eligible content (cars/tracks) at once and receive 15% off the total
  • 20% Loyalty Discount: Purchase 40 pieces of eligible content (cars/tracks) and receive a 20% discount from that point forward. In other words, once you own 40 pieces of eligible content, every content purchase after that is automatically discounted by 20%
  • 30% Loyalty Discount: Purchase all available, full-priced content (cars/tracks) and receive 30% off the total price. This discount is calculated at the time of purchase, which means, if new content becomes available in the future, this would need to be purchased in order to receive the discount again. For example, if there are 100 pieces of content available and you already have purchased 97, you need to purchase the remaining 3 pieces in order to receive the discount, even if you had previously received the discount

All discounts are automatically calculated at checkout. This offer may not be combined with any other discount or promotion. All discounts are calculated either including or excluding preorders.

Also please note: All of our volume discount programs EXCLUDE all permanently discounted content AND Tech Tracks. Therefore anything selling for $5 or less is excluded from any volume discount program and is NOT eligible content (ie. Tech Tracks, Legacy Cars and Tracks).

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