Opened in 1987, Lankebanen (commonly called Hell, after the nearby village) became the first asphalt race track in Norway, but its true calling in the motorsport world comes in a discipline of the multi-surface variety: rallycross. The track made its national championship debut two years later, stepped up to the European championship level in 2011, and three years after that, became a part of the first FIA World Rallycross Championship, where it has remained a staple of the schedule ever since.Built on the side of a hill, Hell is notable for its drastic elevation changes. The European-style Joker Lap, which forces drivers to take a longer route, comes at the end of the frontstretch, while off-camber corners keep even the most skilled masters of car control on their toes. It takes the right combination of finesse and muscle to come out of Hell with a checkered flag—but for an unprepared racer, the tiny Norwegian village can often live up to its name.

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