iRacing’s Official Racing portal represents the realization of an entirely new form of motorsport. Official Racing is the central hub of iRacing’s virtual racing community. It’s sanctioned and managed by us, and in many cases, jointly endorsed by real-world racing partners including NASCAR, IMSA, INDYCAR, SRO, Aussie V-8, and Super GT.

The iRacing portal operates four online racing seasons each year, thereby offering members an opportunity to participate in thousands of weekly races, featuring full-event fields, attracting global competitors. As a member, you will be able to experience the challenge of intense racing whenever and wherever you choose. And because automatically measures and aggregates the skill levels of each member, whether the driver is a novice, an expert or professional, the approach affords each racer an opportunity to compete and win fairly.

The Official Racing program is based on a progressive license structure oriented to both oval and road disciplines. License certifications are measured and awarded on the basis of skill and clean driving. Classes include; Rookie, Advanced Rookie, Class D, Class C, Class B, Class A, and Pro Level. Additionally, iRacing’s Official Racing ladder system also allows for an elite World Championship level where drivers compete for thousands of dollars in prize money.


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Here is a sample and partial list of our standard race series:
  • Cadillac Cup
  • Classic Lotus Grand Prix
  • GT1 World Chmapionship
  • IMSA Online Sports Car Championship
  • Verizon INDYCAR Series
  • Ruf Cup
  • NASCAR Class A Series (Sprint Cup Car)
  • NASCAR Class B Series (Nationwide Car)
  • NASCAR Class C Series (Truck)
  • NASCAR National Series (K&N Car)
  • NASCAR Tour Modified Series
  • NASCAR SK Modified Series
  • NASCAR Late Model Series
  • NASCAR SUper Late Model Series
  • Blancpain Sprint Series
  • V8 Supercars
  • IMSA Sportscar Championship (Mixed Class)
  • Prototype Challenge (Mixed Class)
  • Legends Cup (Legend Car)
  • Skip Barber Race Series
  • Star Mazda Championship
  • Grand Prix Series (Williams Toyota FW31)
  • Grand Prix Legends (Lotus 49)
  • Mazda MX-5 Cup
  • Prototype Challenge
  • Silver Crown Cup
  • Spec Racer Ford Challenge
  • Sprint Car Series
  • Street Stock Series
  • Kia Cup
  • Blancpain Endurance Series (Team Racing)
  • Grand Touring Cup (Mixed Class)
  • NASCAR Peak Antifreeze Series
  • World Championship Grand Prix Series
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