All News: Radical Racing Challenge

Via Victorious in Radical Racing Challenge

December 11th, 2014 by

Jairo Via took the 2014 Season 4 Radical Racing Challenge title by a huge margin of 120 points from his nearest rival, DE-AT-CH’s Markus Papenbrock. Papenbrock recovered strongly from a poor first round, to clamber up to a strong second place finish but was unable to challenge for the lead. After five of six rounds … Read the Rest »

Anreus Closes on Lanpheer

June 2nd, 2014 by

A below par performance from defending champion, Tom Lanpheer, enabled Matthias Anreus to close in on the Radical Racing Challenge leader. Lanpheer nevertheless still maintains a substantial lead after four weeks as the series enters its second third. The new look Radical continues to be a popular car and Week 3 saw a strong field … Read the Rest »

Lanpheer Holds-off Dietzel for Radical Title

April 23rd, 2014 by

Midwest’s Tom Lanpheer held of a strong challenge to take the overall and Division 1 Radical Racing Challenge titles for 2014 Season 1. Series veteran Maurice Dietzel ultimately fell just 39 points short in his quest for the championship and finished 46 points up on third placed Kimi Asumaniemi. Overall 760 drivers entered at least … Read the Rest »

Radical Changes Well-Received at Mosport

February 9th, 2014 by

Much of the pre-season talk in the Radical community was about the anticipated release of the latest version of the new tire model. Dubbed NTMV5 it was hoped the changes to the tyres would improve what was already a popular and exciting car. When the patch arrived, however, the community were overjoyed to find that … Read the Rest »

Radicals’ Record First Round Turn-Out

August 7th, 2013 by’s revised Radical Racing Challenge shattered all previous attendance records as nearly 400 drivers took the plunge and enjoyed 50+ online races around the classic Canadian Tire Motorsports Park (aka Mosport) race track in their Radical SR8s. More than 10% of the 399 drivers scored wins during the week, with 10 of the 41 race … Read the Rest »

Radicals Down to the Wire

July 13th, 2012 by

After several seasons where Club England have been prominent in’s Radical Racing Challenge, this year Club Italia have a vice-like grip on the majority of the major placings in the 2012 Season 2 Radical championship. During a season which, surprisingly, hasn’t completely recovered from the drop caused by the S1 release of the NTM, … Read the Rest »

700 and Counting

January 7th, 2012 by

From the undulations of Mosport Park to the new challenges of Oulton Park a record number of drivers have taken to the tracks in iRacing’s Radical Racing Challenge during a season which has seen the V8-powered Class C car’s popularity soar. This popularity has seen 700 drivers take part in events, the first time ever … Read the Rest »

A Radical start to the season…

November 8th, 2011 by

One week into 2011 Season4 of the Radical Racing Challenge and jaws are having to be scraped off virtual cockpit floors as sights, not seen before, surprised series regulars.  Last season bore witness to the second highest number of drivers ever in the series, but this season, opening at the popular Watkins Glen circuit has … Read the Rest »

Radical Racing Challenge ROARs into action for Season 4

November 7th, 2011 by

The buzz around iRacing these days seems to be all about the New Tire Model, but the Radical Racing Challenge series has quietly been drawing its share of attention, with attendance for Week 1 of Season 4 showing roughly a 93% increase in participation over Week 1 of Season 3.  While others are struggling to … Read the Rest »

Radical Changes For the Radical SR8 in Season 3

August 9th, 2011 by

Sometimes when big news hits the smaller news tidbits get lost in the shuffle, and that seems to be the case for iRacing’s Radical SR8, which has been overshadowed by the recent “big news” of the iRacing 2.0 roll-out.  With all the hoopla over the New Tire Model and the introduction of the new Ford … Read the Rest »