Founded in 1997, the British manufacturer Radical Motorsport set out to create a whole new niche in the world of motorsport, to which ‘Nothing Compares’. The Company has evolved to become the UK’s largest producer of race and track cars, selling over 2,700 cars globally in past two decades. To sell that many racing cars the package has to be thrilling, dramatic and huge fun to drive. Radical Motorsport is represented by a 33-strong dealer network spanning 21 countries offering customers a complete racing experience in 12 different single-marque championships around the globe. Radical Motorsport’s championships comprise the world’s most iconic racetracks, and customers have the opportunity to join other international Radical championships in the ‘Race the World’ program.

Near the top of the Radical range is the SR8, which claimed the overall lap record at the Nürburgring’s legendary 13-mile, 73-turn Nordschleife in 2005, which remained unbeaten for 12 years. With 380 horsepower and 1,320 pounds (dry; all-up weight including driver and all fluids of 1,750 pounds) the performance of this nimble two-seater is little short of stunning. The engine is an engineering masterpiece: hand-built, race specification 2.6 litre V8 boasts a rev limit of 10,500 rpm delivering relentless acceleration. A pair of twin-cam, four-valve cylinder heads and blocks are installed at a 72-degree angle on a purpose-built billet crankshaft and custom-cast light-alloy dry-sump crankcase. Appropriate accessories are added and the result is a very compact, lightweight, engine. The output from this powerful engine is transmitted through an AP racing clutch to a six-speed Powertec sequential transaxle with torque-biased limited slip.

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