As with their pavement racing counterparts (with which they share little beyond their generic name), Late Models are among the most sophisticated and popular classes of race cars on the dirt tracks of North America and Australia.  “Classes” is the key term, as there is a category of dirt Late Models – Sportsman, Limited and Super – for nearly every level of experience and budget.

Although the various categories are outwardly similar in appearance, beneath the angular fiber-glass bodies with their characteristic low roof lines, the Sportsman, Limited and Super Late Models are quite different.   Generally restricted to the local and regional levels, Sportsman (aka Crate) Late Models utilize factory-crated 305 cubic inch engines in order to control costs – and speed.  In contrast the Limited Late Models, which run on the regional and national levels in series such as the Lucas Oil Dirt Late Model Series and the World of Outlaws Craftsman Late Model Series feature 358 cubic inch race-prepared engines with nearly twice the power as their Sportsman cousins.  The Super Late Models come equipped with 438 cubic inch race engines capable of more than 850 horsepower and race in regional series such as the Ultimate Super Late Model Series in the Southeast and the Malvern Bank Super Late Model Series in the Midwest.


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