The Generation 6 NASCAR Cup Series car embodies NASCAR’s “Win on Sunday, Sell on Monday” heritage. And with a body style based on one of the world’s best selling sedans, the NASCAR Cup Toyota Camry is the latest step in the Japanese automaker’s bid to top Chevrolet and Ford in the NASCAR Sprint Cup pecking order.

Like the Chevrolet Camaro and Ford Mustang, the Gen6 Camry’s aerodynamics are designed to enhance the car’s stability in traffic and reduce the advantage of the lead car in a draft, thus fostering close racing. With nearly 900 horsepower on tap and a minimum weight of 3300 pounds (with no less than 1600 pounds on the right side), that close racing is sure to take place at high speeds, so safety is an important consideration as well. Thus the Gen6 cars incorporate forward roof band and center roof support reinforcing structural integrity, along with large roof flaps to reduce the likelihood of cars becoming airborne in crashes.

As with the Gen6 Chevy and Ford, the Toyota Camry has a 3300 pound minimum total weight (with no less than 1600 pounds on the right side) along with carbon-fiber hoods and deck lids, and a 53″ wide rear spoiler.

See it in action:

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