Single-make championships by Renault have been some of Europe’s most approachable lower-level road racing series for nearly six decades. Originating in 1966 in France with the Gordini, the first-generation Clio debuted in 1991, by which point most major European countries had a series of their own. After a brief hiatus, the Clio became the marque of choice once again in the early 2000s, and has been Renault’s car of choice ever since.

The fifth-gen Renault Clio Cup car debuted in 2020 and has since been adopted by the five active Clio Cup series across Europe. Powered by a Renault HR13 engine, the car weighs just 1030 kilograms with a 2579 mm wheelbase, making it quick and agile, and a fun experience for drivers of all skill levels. Past Renault single-make champions have included WRC and Dakar legend Carlos Sainz, Le Mans winner Jan Lammers, touring car icon Jason Plato, and open-wheel champion and X Games gold medalist Kenny Brack—could the next great racer be running a Clio in the real world as we speak?

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