Built in 1957, this high performance farm tractor is was designed by Porsche-Diesel Motorenbrau in Germany. It features a diesel engine with a displacement of 2467 cubic centimeters and created a whopping 11 HP per cylinder – for a total of 33 HP (it’s a three cylinder so you multiply 11 HP by 3 and get 33)! The P133 could be outfitted with multiple attachments to make farming tasks easier and more efficient.

Technical specs:

Year constructed: 1957

HP: 33

Torque: 119 Nm

Weight: 2,650 kg (417 Stones)

Transmission: 5-speed, manual (optional creeper gear for when you want to go really slow)

Aspiration: Naturally aspirated

Top speed: 20 kph (12 mph)

Body style: Convertible

Brake system: shoe style

Steering: yes

Suspension: maybe

ABS: Not available

Traction control: Not available


See it in action:

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